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Extrusion, Inc. offers a wide range of finish options.  Our anodizing tanks allow us to provide clear to black anodized finishes on stock lengths up to 21 ft.  With the recent upgrade to a state of the art horizontal powder coat paint line, Extrusions offers a complete listing of powder coat paint finishes.  From AAMA 2603 standard colors to AAMA 2605 bonded metallic colors to custom colors, we can provide a color that fits your need on an extrusion up to 24’.

Whether anodized or painted we can bring your aluminum project to life with our in house finishing options.  

Electrostatic Powder Coating (read more below)

  • Hard, durable, colorfast finish
  • Wide selection of environmentally safe colors
  • Polyester colors meet AAMA 2603 Specifications
  • Super-polymer colors meet AAMA 2604 SPecifications
  • Fluoropolymer colors meet AAMA 2605 Specifications

Anodizing (read more below)

  • Clear Satin Anodizing
  • Electrostatic 2-step from Champagne to Black

The Anodizing Process

The surface of the aluminum is converted into an extremely durable anodic oxide surface by an electrolytic process called anodizing.  

The procedure creates a strong finish that is resistant to corrosion and can readily accept a nice range of colors, including translucent colors.  Among all the metals, aluminum is particularly suitable for anodizing.

Our anodizing treatments help deliver high-quality finishes for your parts that will last for years to come.  Extrusions, inc. has the expertise and experience to ensure your aluminum parts have the best finish for your project.  The anodized finishes are available in clear satin and electrolytic colors. 

A bright silver sheet of anodized aluminum.

Powder Coat Painting

Powder coating is a type of dry-finishing procedure where the finish coat on a product is applied in dry powder form.  Based on technologically advanced polymer resin components melted together with pigments, leveling ingredients, flow modifiers, and other enhancers, it is particularly popular for industrial and commercial finishes where an extremely hard, durable, and environmentally friendly coating is required. 

Powder coat can be formulated to meet AAMA 2603, AAMA 2604, and AAMA 2605 standards.  Extrusions, Inc. has a wide variety of standard colors that we keep in stock.  Custom colors are also available when matching another trade’s work or product is required.

Contact us today to learn more about your choice in finishes.

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