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Custom Aluminum Extrusion Services

Extrusions, Inc. has two extrusions presses producing custom aluminum extrusions in 6000 series aluminum alloys with heat treating and thermal fill and debridge capabilities.  

We also have a variety of stock dies available for our customer’s use.  

These dies include equal and unequal leg angles, channels, bars, round and square tubing, T-bars, and Z-bars. 

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The Extrusions, Inc. Advantage

We are committed to providing a quality solution to our customer’s needs with an emphasis on customer service.  Our experienced team will work with you to make sure we come up with a solution that meets your needs in the most economical manner.

When you have two presses at your disposal, we have the flexibility to extrude and fabricate time sensitive requests to the degree possible.  Our extrusions lines also include cooling and quenching capabilities which are required to meet certain specifications.

We extrude 7” billet in 6063, 6061, 6005a, and 66099 alloy.  Typically, primary billet is used, but secondary billet can be used if recycled content is important on your project.  From LED lighting systems to aluminum window frames, Extrusions, Inc. is equipped to handle your job regardless of size or complexity.

Standard and Custom Dies

We maintain our tooling in house, as needed, to help facilitate the custom creation of uncommon and complicated aluminum shapes.  We also procure extrusion dies from outside vendors when it’s in the best interest of our customers.  And, of course, our clients are always welcome to choose from any of our standard dies to avoid die and tooling costs.

CAD/CAM Support

Engineer working with sketch pen tablet and CAD software on extrusion project.In order to provide you with the best quality experience, we employ industry-standard technologies to give you the extruded aluminum shapes you need. And our engineers offer CAD/CAM engineering support to help you capture and develop even the most stringent design specifications needed to manufacture your specialized extruded products. So you can count on precision tolerances to meet the demands of constantly evolving industry requirements. And when you require sophisticated custom aluminum extrusion profiles with strict dimensional tolerances and a top quality finish, we invite you to contact us.

In addition to custom extrusions, we are also able to provide clients with such in-demand products as aluminum tubing, square tubing, aluminum channel, and aluminum angle.

Having been in this industry for so long, we are always aware and conscientious of time-dependent projects and the need to accomplish our objectives on time and with cost-efficiency. And we do so.

Extrusions, Inc. Specialty Services include:

  • Assembly
  • Design Aid
  • Heat Treating
  • Tooling
  • Prototypes
  • Thermal Fill & Debridge

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The Custom Aluminum Extrusion Process

There are definite and significant benefits which make aluminum more attractive than other metals and manufacturing materials.  Part of its imminent superiority is due to such properties as being substantially lighter in weight than other metals, as well as being non-toxic, non-combustible, non-magnetic, and highly recyclable.  When you factor in extruding is less expensive and takes less time than conventional metalworking, it becomes even more appealing to industries and suppliers.

Our team of engineers produces a custom die with a cross-sectional design that is tailored for your specific project.  The heated aluminum is pressured through the die frame, being accurately shaped by the opening (s) in the die. Additional features or holes may also be included in the die design to improve efficiency or quality.

As a result, you can have complex designs created which are consistent and structurally sound throughout the entire length of the extrusion.  Other important advantages are the extrusion process opens up a wide range of options in aluminum grades which can be manufactured to close tolerances, along with choices and variety of finishes.

Aluminum Extrusion Improves Efficiency

Many are unaware of how the custom extrusions process enhances efficiency. So you are actually able to conserve on both time and cost for customers.

When we customize shapes for your project, we are also able to consolidate parts, thereby doing away with other joining processes that are typical for designs created from aluminum sheet stock. In order to create your custom extrusion, we make an aluminum cross-section that is as close as possible to the finished shape you need. Then the subsequent machining of your aluminum shapes can become more straightforward because the entire procedure allows our technicians to use the material only where the structure requires it. And so, unneeded material, which would only be milled away later, is effectively reduced, thus diminishing the total cost of the shape’s production.

Custom aluminum extrusion is a cost-effective way to engineer and produce parts with uniquely designed shapes. The process makes it possible for us to use the metal only where it is structurally necessary. Or, we can hollow out parts, resulting in an even better economy and practicality.

So your final purchase weight is reduced, as well as the amount of milling or machining required to fashion your product to its final size.

Metal Suppliers for the Midwest

It has been one of our ongoing objectives to be an aluminum extrusion company that is a single-source supplier of metal with the ability to provide the materials you need, as you need it. Because of our existing network with material providers, we are able to secure and lock in the best current aluminum prices to help avoid fluctuation in costs for you. Moreover, we can provide you with an extruded aluminum inventory and in-process list so that you can check on what materials are on hand or look ahead to see what will be available in the future.

So when you are in need of a custom aluminum shape, Extrusions, Inc. looks forward to the chance to meet you and work together to produce a great quality product.


Extrusion is the process that creates a vast array of products used in industrial and consumer markets by converting aluminum alloys into diverse shapes. Extruded aluminum is found in industries ranging from electronics to construction, transportation to energy, and many, many more. 

8’ – 24’ without a cutting charge \ shorter lengths will require a fabrication cutting charge.

Our maximum size is 7¾ – there is no real minimum.

  • 1650 tons (up to a 7 inch circumscribed circle diameter)
  • 1800 tons (up to a 7¾ inch circumscribed circle diameter)

In spite of the fact that it might appear to be complex, the idea behind t-slot aluminum is actually very straightforward. Each of the aluminum pieces is formed like a “T”. So this enables you to join together your aluminum pieces with no welding. This makes it fully modular, meaning that it is easy to rearrange. You can rearrange and rejoin the aluminum profiles anyway you wish by using addons such as angle connectors. And so, you can make anything from workstations to robot arms, from racing simulators to trade show booths. So as you can see, T-slot extruded aluminum offers you extreme product design versatility.

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