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Full-Service Custom Aluminum Extrusions

1850 ton fully automated 7" extrusion press
1850-Ton Fully Automated 7" Extrusion Press

Extrusions, Inc. is a full service aluminum extruder featuring a large inventory of stock dies and thousands of custom shapes for all types of aluminum products.  

Extrusions has two extrusions presses, a fabrication department, three CNC machines, a state of the art powder coat paint line, pour and debridge machinery, polyamide strut insertion machinery, and in house anodizing.  Our vertical integration allows us to produce the finest quality aluminum extrusions with competitive lead times. 

Centrally located in Fort Scott, KS, Extrusions offers all the services of a larger extruder, but hasn’t lost the ability to treat customers like a small business.  With more than 120,000 square feet of production space and over 100 employees Extrusions can accommodate high volume orders or the one-time order.  You can rely on Extrusions’ experienced and dedicated employees to meet your need for aluminum extrusions. 

Since 1962 flexibility and creativity has made Extrusions, Inc a service oriented company.  Meeting customers’ unique needs has been our #1 priority and has been responsible for our consistent growth and success. 

Full-Service Extrusion Capabilities

Unlike some of our competitors, all the services we offer are located in our facility which allows us to oversee and handle your products from start to finish in house.  Having a vertically integrated business model allows us to provide exceptional customer service, better responsiveness, excellent products, and safe shipping.

Combine this with our press capacity, finishing services, fabrication department, thermal improvement options, and CNC capabilities and our customers have a turnkey production resource to help your business with all your aluminum extrusions needs. 


Extrusions, Inc. is dedicated to operating its facility as environmentally friendly as possible.  To learn more follow this link to Extrusions Inc.’s LEED Statement.

Custom aluminum extrusions lying in the cooling zone on the automated walkover table.
Custom Aluminum Extrusions
A CNC technician, measures and drill holes on an aluminum plate at Dover Air Force Base. The machinist is using the vertical mill CNC to engineer an aluminum plate for a helicopter.
Aluminum Fabrication
A shiny piece of finished aluminum that has been anodized.
Aluminum Finishing Services

Who We Are

When it comes to custom aluminum extrusions, if it can be imagined, then it’s something we can bring to life.  We understand there are going to be times when flexibility, innovation, and real person to person access and interaction is a necessity.  That’s why we make it our priority to work closely with clients to offer collaborative and inventive problem solving solutions for your projects.  Our team at Extrusions, Inc., with over 100 years of combined industry experience, are your custom design specialists.

Our biggest asset is our people that add a personal element to all our interactions.  From first contact to shipment, it’s the sense that our people genuinely care about your business needs.  This has led to life-long customers who come back again and again.  You can relax knowing that your business is in the hands of an experienced team of people who care about your product. 

Contact us today and discover how we can help you with your extrusion, fabrication, and finishing needs from start to finish.

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When you need a simple shape, a complex hollow or a highly customized profile, Extrusions, Inc., can extrude it. 

We have nearly 60 years of experience providing extruded aluminum to markets across the Midwest and the United States. We look forward to helping you!

"To our valued customers,

At Extrusions, Inc. our goal is to provide superior products of exceptional value to our customers. Since 1963 we have been meeting customers’ needs and providing the quality necessary for them to attain a competitive edge in their marketplace. Attention to operational excellence and innovation processes are our keystone to continued growth and longevity."

Depend on Extrusions, Inc. to be your full-service custom aluminum extruder.

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